This fall, teachers across the country are using Ed to engage their students in deeper and more authentic project-based learning - one rooted in real world business.

Ed, a digital platform designed with the educational ecosystem in mind, gives classes a website builder, teacher management dashboard, and a digital toolkit so that students can market and sell products
made in class on their own customized website.
No need to start a new business every year. Year after year, classes can grow the business and deepen their experience while making a stronger foundation for real world learning for students to come. Use Ed to ignite your learning environment with creativity and innovation and develop the artistic and enterprising skills your students need to succeed.

Generate Revenue

Real Money. Real Customers.
Real Opportunity. Students
produce something that is
marketed and sold online to
a global audience.

Experiential Learning

Ed supports student-led,
product-oriented PBL set in both
the classroom and the community
in order to cultivate the
entrepreneurial spirit and skills.

Give Back

Classes can explore ways to
use their revenue and give back.
Students decide whether they
donate to their school, a global
cause, or their local charity.
Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.
  • In my 13 years of teaching, I have never seen students so excited about a project. The work we are doing this semester will link Chemistry with it's real-life application in the worldwide marketplace. This project created an environment for students to make real decisions, receive feedback, and then use that data to improve their work.

    Matt Martin

  • I learned that I am really good with computers and that I'm a leader. I would try to get my work done early so that I could work more on my company.

    Josh Espinoza

  • My son was so excited to be able to create with his hands something that came from classroom learning, and then to do something positive with it afterwards. It really motivated him to learn more about chemistry and about business!

    Tiveeda StovallCeja

  • From this class, I learned that I can sell things to people. I am good at this stuff. It's kind of my forte. I love being out there, communicating with people. Whenever I make a sale, I feel great.

    Ronny Lopez

  • The biggest thing she is walking away with is confidence. A kid walking away with this amount of confidence as a sophomore is a big asset. You don't just get that in any class.

    Juan Ramirez

  • Matt Martin


  • Josh Espinoza


  • Tiveeda StovallCeja


  • Ronny Lopez


  • Juan Ramirez



With a customized website to sell their products, students set up their online store and operate their business right from the classroom. Their website allows them to showcase their creative vision and grow the learning experience year after year!

Teacher Dashboard

Teachers oversee all activities on the platform so nothing makes it online without approval. Ed Badges allow teachers to recognize students who dive into areas like product development, team building, and social media marketing.

Fulfill Orders

Ed comes to life when a sale happens! We help you make authentic learning experiences happen by providing fun and flexible tools and resources needed to help students move products from the classroom to the customer.


With their Foundation, students can designate their profits to any 501c3 of their choosing (including their classroom!) This real world immersion allows students to discover what's important to them and engage with their community in a meaningful way.

Nepris Mentors

With Nepris, teachers can bring knowledgeable virtual mentors right into the classroom. Explore the Nepris community of top-notch professionals who are excited to bring real world and industry-specific insight to your students and their business.

Legal and Banking

With the business operating under the RWS legal umbrella, teachers never have to worry about the red tape and headache of starting and running a business. We make the banking a breeze by handling all of the online purchases and keeping the funds in a secure account that the teacher can access at anytime.

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As a San Diego-based nonprofit, we set out to create a platform that allowed any educator to use business as a force for learning. Once students engaged in real commerce with the platform, the first Education Corporations were born.

An Education Corporation (EdCorp) is a student-run business operated by a K-12 classroom and creates revenue through the sale of a product or services. EdCorps operate under the umbrella of a registered 501c3 that extends its tax status to allow a class to legally conduct business.

We're committed to supporting 100 EdCorps with up to $2,500 per year in funding by the end of 2016. Want to build an Education Corporation in your classroom? Drop us a line. We'd love to support your students.

Our Values

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Through early and frequent experiential exposure, students can develop an entrepreneurial mindset by creating products not destined for a competition or school showcase, but for the open market. We know not all students will become entrepreneurs, but we believe all students will need the entrepreneurial skills gained by real immersive experience as they go forward, regardless of the vocational path they choose.

STEM + Design Thinking

Most agree that STEM education is vital to our future and the future of our children. Our platform intentionally resides at the intersection of STEM, business, and design thinking. As all savvy business people know, creating something intended for the open market requires deliberate and purposeful product design, making Arts integration (or STEAM) a necessity. Education becomes relevant and transferable when a reinforcing cycle of real world application and design thinking are applied.


In the same vein that B-Labs created the B Corporation (B Corps), we have a vision for EdCorps, defined as for-purpose businesses, created and run by a classroom. Our technology platform was developed to create and support student-run companies that use market feedback and sales as a tool for innovation. Teachers can grow their EdCorps year after year, with each incoming class building on the previous year’s success.

Experimentation and Iterative Design

Thomas Edison failed thousands of times while developing the light bulb. We believe in the iterative process that every innovator has to undergo, the one that cultivates grit and resilience. By giving value to the process, we can fashion education around the experience rather than just the outcome. In true Lean Development fashion, the core of this experience and the entrepreneurial mindset is the ability to formulate ideas, analyze how they perform when tested in the real world, and refine them through informed reflection.

Project-Based Learning/Project-Oriented Learning

When students put energy into a product intended for an authentic audience, the amount of ownership they undertake and investment increases exponentially. A student-centered approach, which allows students to craft their educational experience around real world outcomes, integrated into normal curriculum allows students of all learning styles to take hold of their education, pursue their own interests, and learn the necessary soft skills required to accomplish difficult feats. As the world evolves from one requiring students to regurgitate content to one requiring a more nuanced set of analytical skills, students will need to know how to accomplish real challenges, not just recite arbitrary data points.

Ed is composed of 5 different features:

Website Builder

With Ed, any clasroom can build a customized and professional website to showcase and sell their work. Have fun designing your site with simple “drag and drop” features all powered by one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms on the web!

Ed Tools

Ed Tools provides your students with all the tools they need to get, keep, and grow customers. With articles, videos, and short exercises, your students can start building their business right from the classroom. No expertise needed!

Mentor Support

Nepris brings top notch professionals right into the classroom. Whether they're advising on a project or giving a pep talk, these professionals will help your students navigate the challenges that come with running a business.


With the dashboard, teachers can manage student activities and approve everything that goes live on the website. Our badging system even allows you to identify student strengths and reward their accomplishments in things like collaboration and product development!


Dealing with money can be stressful. That's why we make it easy by hosting the banking for you. We take care of the credit card processing and you can cash out with the click of a button. We take care of the taxes so you can focus on the important thing: your students.


Did you say "funding"?

We did! We provide classes using Ed with between $1,000 to $2,500 in seed funding. While the funding is intended to be used to run the business in your classroom, you are in charge of how you use it. Each year, we give all participating classes funding in order to afford incoming classes the same opportunity to grow the business, add new products, or build a new company.

What if we don't sell anything?

That's ok! We created Ed to help students engage in product-based learning. We would rather students go through the challenge of developing a unique product, not sell a single one, and learn about product development than sell hundreds of water bottles they picked up at the grocery store.

How is this any different that starting a store on a platform like Etsy?

We're so glad you asked! While you can use Etsy (or any other e-commerce platform) to sell goods online, Ed was specifically designed for educational environments. This means a few things.

  1. Teacher Admin. As a platform with teacher-controlled admin access, it ensures that nothing goes online without teacher approval. Your students can engage with the platform knowing that you maintain control over everything that publishes to the site.
  2. Banking. A platform like Etsy would require you to provide your school banking information in order to legally process orders, making you responsible for the taxes and liability. We make this process simpler by hosting the banking for you and handling all of the legal business.
  3. Student Portfolio. You can award students badges for their hard work on things like product development and social media campaigns. Year after year, their portfolio grows, leaving them with a hard-earned record of their work that can be used for any of their future ventures, be it college admissions or job applications.
  4. Seed Funding. Did we mention all schools receive resources to run the business? We're pretty sure no other platform gives YOU money to get started! We know it takes money to make this work, and teachers can be comforted knowing that they can let kids be creative without coming out of pocket or fighting for funding each year.
  5. The Community. While you could start a store on Etsy alongside millions of other sellers, The Ed Marketplace is a community where you can work alongside other classrooms running businesses and collectively showcase to consumers who want to support education.
  6. Support. Finally, teachers using Ed have access to virtual mentors provided by Nepris and Real World Scholars staff support. This means you have professionals on your team who are here to help make the experience a success.

Running a business is messy and has a lot of liability - is this a real business?

While your students are running a business in a practical sense, no. Your students are not running a business in a legal sense. They are conducting business under the umbrella of our nonprofit tax status for the purpose of education. To the IRS, this essentially counts as your students working with us to fundraise for their classroom or a cause they care about.

Your school probably already does something similar. Think about the car washes that students run on the weekends - they charge money for a service and the profits go to whatever they are raising money for - be in a school or classroom activity or a community cause. Using Ed is close to the same concept, just with lots of extra bells, whistles, and opportunities.

Who "owns" the business?

While the business operates on our platform, the school owns the business (i.e. the business idea, business name, all of it!). And if you ever want to leave the platform and take your business with you, we are happy to help you make that happen - it would really be a dream for us to see you go big!

Can we host our own banking?

Currently, all of the banking and financial transactions happens on our platform. Take advantage of the stress-free setup that allows us to take care of all the complicated stuff!

How does the Foundation component work?

Your foundation is a tool to showcase what you did with the money you earned. It has its own URL, and allows you to spend the money your business earns. Classes can designate their money to any 501c3, or organization with a non-profit tax status. We see this as an opportunity to learn about the power of giving back and connecting with your community. Classes can request funds at anytime and checks will be mailed to the designated 501c3 on a bi-monthly basis. For our tax purposes, all funds will be dispersed by year end.

How do I protect my student information?

The only publicly viewable information is the uploaded picture and first name associated with the student account. For teachers that would like to limit the visibility, we encourage using nicknames (or some other aliases) for the account and representative pictures for the students' profiles.

Who sees our website?

The internet is public - so anyone can see your website online. While we will be hosting a link to your store on our marketplace, people may also come across your website in other ways. You can encourage web traffic by promoting your online store via social media, print ads, newsletters or any other marketing efforts you choose.

How does shipping work?

While the platform helps you sell the products from your classroom, your classroom is responsible for the shipping. When a sale happens, you will receive an email with all of the information needed to make it happen. Your students will find tips on pricing shipping in EdTools, our digital toolkit.

If your items are too large to ship (or you have other problems with the shipping process) you may want to explore a pick up center at your school.

How do we handle sales tax?

Sales tax is charged automatically by the platform based on the nonprofit sales tax laws of the state of purchase. Because we are the entity operating the platform, we are responsible for filing the taxes. When it comes to sales tax, you're of the hook!

Are there any credit card processing fees?

While the platform is completely free, Shopify does charge a fee of about 2 percent on all credit card processing - which is pretty standard for e-commerce platform. Net profits will be available for use.